We Is

Sami Miranda

The poet in this collection is a messenger; his voice preaches the reader into communion with the everyday yet legendary characters that populate his world. That world becomes ours, with each page we turn. Our witnessing of these lives, captured so well by his attention and empathy, and portrayed so clearly with an almost musical truth, fills the reader with a compassion that ultimately dignifies the struggle of so many around us.


Edited by José R. Ballesteros

Book and cover design by José R. Ballesteros,  James Quigley, and Craig Boliver. 

ISBN: 978-0-9888090-0-0
Library of Congress Control Number: 2012956424



The poems in "We Is" are like songs on a jukebox –songs you cannot stop playing.  His work is equal parts craft, musicality and arresting, soul stirring, narrative.  More than once I found myself yelling " Church!" in my best (which is to say not very good) Snoop Dog voice.  I also kept a box of Kleenex close by. In a world cluttered with bloodless, cliché -ridden verse, "We Is" is a much needed antidote.  Let these poems into your life.

Reuben Jackson
Author of Fingering The Keys, and Scattered Clouds 

Miranda has written poems that will make you dance. You will read them with the book pressed close against your chest. This collection simmers under a flame of beauty. Here are poems that strut while passing the bodega. Miranda asks the question we will all ask before we die –“How did we come to this?”I love how Miranda explores questions of identity and displacement. He knows how to slap poems onto the domino table so we never forget Puerto Rico. The sounds of his words will salsa until the extraterrestrials arrive.

E. Ethelbert Miller
Host On The Margin (WPFW 89.3 FM)

With a lyric that is at times laid back and at times furious –and with the dexterity for which he is known in the visual arts– Miranda carves, paints, and stitches portraits of the immigrant-Boricua-Latinx experience into life. His poems depict rhythms reminiscent of New York City, yet they are also uniquely DC and uniquely Boricua. They invite you to move, breathe in, and come a little closer to be wrapped up in their sensory dance. 

Naomi Ayala 
Author of Calling Home: Praise Songs and Incantations